Rhinowalk is an exclusive brand belongs to Hangzhou Xibu Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for the global promotion and sales of RHINOWALK brand.



RHINO, a solid and resilient animal. Meaning: focus, tenacity, goal, pursuit of perfection;
RHINOWALK, on this basis, there is more of a calm and quiet mentality, adhere to the heart of a craftsman, and often have the freedom to walk in the clouds. It also stems from the unremitting pursuit of high-quality products.

RHINOWALK, the brand has been adhering to such an attitude since its establishment, conveying the spirit of focusing on making a good product.
Through a dedicated attitude and a streamlined design concept, its unique performance is created to meet the needs of use in harsh environments.

The founder of the RHINOWALK brand is an industrial product designer. He has been engaged in the luggage design industry for more than 10 years. He is a crazy cycling enthusiast.

Because of his love of riding and his sensitivity as a designer, became more focused on the product itself. Combining his own design experience in the luggage industry and the experience of enthusiasts, He always wants to change some existing product designs and make better bags that are more suitable for cycling enthusiasts.

Design Concept

The core goal of RHINOWALK is to let rider to focus on the ride itself, without being affected by any external conditions, and to solve complex problems with a simple design. Make every effort to design products with excellent performance, and continue to grow in the spirit of concentration, exquisite design and manufacturing.
Our design: focus on simple style and humanism, product performance and experience at the core.
Our craftsmanship: always adhere to high-standard craftsmanship and high-quality production, and adopt innovative craftsmanship to improve the quality of products.
Our goal: Provide you with the confidence to support reliable performance in harsh environments.

The future is infinite!

RHINOWALK has never stopped thinking about every step forward in the future, and the innovative spirit flowing in its blood has always been there.
In every step forward in the future, creating better products for the world is our constant commitment and mission.
The future is infinite....

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